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Here in Pets Star, we own a few of fully functional facilities to hold and breed animals in captivity. We strive to progressively discover more animal species that is suitable to be kept as pet and would thrive in captivity. Captive breeding and keeping animals is crucial to ensure their survival and existence at a future time. This is due to extensive deforestation and happening pollutions are threatening and destroying animal habitats. We pursue to produce as much animals we can and make them available in the pet hobby. Captivated species could act as a reservoir population against dramatically decreases wild population and extinction. By introducing animal species into the pet hobby, they obtain more understandings and opportunity to live better. This is why we give in our best to nurture and breed animals in our facilities. At our farm, we gradually progress to build and create appropriate enclosures for every kind of animals. From small tanks, racking system, outdoor pens and large cages. Our farm crews are well-trained and prepared for every unpredictable challenges, and is constantly working on all the best things for our animals. Surrounding environment and enclosures are always kept hygiene to ensure our animals is in their best health condition. Various enrichments are provided to stimulate their natural activities and behaviours. Additionally, our animals are fed with uniquely catered diets to meet their nutritional requirements. A well-nourished animal is always happy and active, we couldn’t ask for anything better than having our animals thriving under our care! We have raise and bred numerous animal species for the past few years, including mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Thus, we carry every responsibilities to ensure our animal is in the best quality, with several affecting factors including, colour, physical health, temperament, and many more. Our animals are bred in controlled bloodlines to constantly improve their quality and health. Controlled bloodlines is crucial to avoid lethal genes combos, eliminates genetic disorders and reduces mortality rate. We do also specialises in Southeast Asia’s native animal species such as mammals, snakes, lizards, geckos and many more. We’re constantly involving in various local animal association and organisations to gather and exchange consequential and meaningful information. For any local or abroad company and organisations, you are welcome to contact us if you are interested with our programs or any other inquiries.

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