Welcome to Pets Star
We’re a family of pet lovers who believe in only the best for man’s best friends.
Exportation & Importation
Safe & proper livestock transportation for a comfortable shipping journey
Breeding Facility
Discovering more & more animal species that could thrive in captivity
Retailing & Sales
We offer everything your pet needs from foods, supplements, accessories and essentials to assure their health & wellness
Pet Product
We produce and distributes premium products for all kind of pets

Who We Are

Pets Star is a live animals exporter located at Malaysia. We own breeding facility with legal license from our local authority. Besides, we carry a few well-know pets product distribution ship, and also runs a retail store at locally.



Pets Star proudly collaboration with our partners

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At Pets Star, we care about your feedback and experiences with us! Feel free to let us know your suggestions.

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