Exportation & Importation

Years of experiences in operating around the globe.

We are well-known for a variety of animal transportation and transferring, including import, export, relocation and many more! Here at Pets Star we ensure every transport journey is safe and secured. We have many years of experiences in operating around the globe. We are also able to arrange international pet transportation for customers who want to bring their pet along during travel or migrate. We strictly follows international rules and regulations. All of our activities are coherent to CITES requirement. This is intended to make your transportation activity hassle-free and runs smoothly. Every transport procedure will be monitored and follow up personally by us. We do regularly brings in certain abroad animal species to be retailed by local pet stores.

Exportation & Importation Services

Pets Star provides all services needed for importation and exportation

Permit & license application

Crates customized to meet up IATA regulations

Mandatory health certificate and laboratory tests

Documentation coordination services

Livestock Logistic insurance

Any other required services

Our Services

Pets Star provides transportation and transferring, including import, export, relocation and more

Professional Animal Relocation

We have years of experiences transporting animals from one to another country around the globe. We cover every procedure required, so that everything would run nice and smooth! We can also import or export on behalf of any local pet stores.

Animal Supply & Collection

Our species database is constantly up to date. We are able to obtain every animal that is allowed by CITES for international trades. We help various zoos within Southeast Asia and also abroad zoos to look for the animals they required. We support every zoological or herpetological organizations to collect and obtain their desire species.

Animal Exchange Program

We help clients worldwide to locate and trade animals of their selection with local or abroad zoos and organisations. Through trade and exchange, we are able to help animals find potentially better homes, a new capability to thrive in different captivity and an opportunity for keepers to understand the animal one step further.

Livestock Supply

Informative and Professional Consultancy

Vivarium, Terrarium & Paludarium Designs and Supplies

Water Filtration Systems

Habitat & Cages Concept and Development

Sanctuaries & Park Development

Conservation Breeding Projects

Import & Export Contact

Imports And Exports Requirements

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