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Red Footed Tortoise Info

Red Footed Tortoise Info

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Red Footed Tortoises Info

  • Country of origin:Red-footed Tortoises are found in the tropical and humid forest areas of South America. They inhabit Guianas, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay and there are some on the Caribbean islands. They live in the underbrush and forage for fallen fruit, plant growth, and will even eat carrion.

  • Characteristics:They are medium-sized tortoises that generally average 30 centimetres (12 in) as adults, but can reach over 40 cm (16 in). They have a dark-colored loaf-shaped carapace (back shell) with a lighter patch in the middle of each scute (scales on the shell), and dark limbs with brightly colored scales that range from pale yellow to dark red. There are recognized differences between red-footed tortoises from different regions. They are closely related to the yellow-footed tortoise (C. denticulata) from the Amazon Basin.

  • Habitat:red-footed tortoises live in dry forest areas, grasslands and the savanna. They may also live in areas of rain forest that are close to open habitats. Red-footed tortoises share some of their range with yellow-footed tortoises; their ranges overlap in Suriname, where they both inhabit forests and grasslands.

  • life: have a life expectancy of about 50 years.

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