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Indian Star Tortoise Info

Indian Star Tortoise Info

Brand: Tortoise
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Indian Star Tortoise Info

  • Country of origin:​ found in dry areas and scrub forest in India and Sri Lanka.

  • Characteristics: One of the most attractive tortoises. Grayish-brown shell with break-up "star" patterns that are cream to golden-brown in color. Carapace elongated, with strongly elevated or smooth carapace plates.

  • Habitat:Indian star tortoises occupy a wide range of habitats, including moist deciduous forest, semi-arid lowland forests, thorn scrub forests, arid grasslands, and semi-desert. These tortoises have a high tolerance for seasonally wet or dry habitats, with many populations living in areas with a monsoon (rainy) season followed by an extensive hot and dry period. They sometimes live in agricultural areas.

  • life:With proper care,up to 25 years is possible

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