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Patagonian Mara Info

Patagonian Mara Info

Brand: Patagonian Mara
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Patagonian Mara Info


  • Country of origin: Patagonian maras live only in the arid central and southern regions of Argentina.

  • Characteristics: With long hare-like ears and a body resembling a small deer, the Patagonian mara (Dolichotis patagonum) is a distinctly unusual looking rodent. The upper parts are brownish grey, with a darker patch on the rump bordered below by a white fringe, while the underparts are whitish. The body is well adapted for running, with long, powerful hind limbs, ending in three digits, each bearing a hoof like claw. In contrast, the front limbs are shorter, with four sharp claws that help this species to dig burrows in which the young take refuge.

  • Habitat:  Generally classified as desert, this area exhibits a wide range of distinct microhabitats ranging from sandy plains to thorny shrubland steppes. Rainfall is extremely unpredictable and there are huge shifts in precipitation and floral composition between wet and dry seasons. The area is quite warm, with average temperatures in the summer usually around 20 degrees Celsius and winter temperatures rarely dropping below freezing. Generally, Patagonian maras prefer to build dens in open habitat dominated by grasses and other low-growing plants. Though it dens in areas that are densely vegetated, they visually monitor for predators, which is less effective in more closed habitats. Large settlements of Patagonian maras have been observed on and around sheep ranches, most likely due to their similar habitat preferences. (Baldi, 2007; Campos, et al., 2001; Taber and Macdonald, 1992a)

  • life: With proper care,up to 8 years is possible

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