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Sun Conure Info

Sun Conure Info

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Sun Conure Info

  • Country of origin: North-eastern South America: the north Brazilian state of Roraima, southern Guyana, extreme southern Suriname, and southern French Guiana.

  • Characteristics: On average, sun parakeets weigh approximately 110 g (4 oz) and are around 30 cm 12 in long. They are sexually monomorphic.

    Adults have a rich yellow crown, nape, mantle, lesser wing-coverts, tips of the greater wing-coverts, chest, and underwing-coverts. The face and belly are orange with red around the ears. The base of the greater wing-coverts, tertials, and base of the primaries are green, while the secondaries, tips of the primaries, and most of the primary coverts are dark blue. The tail is olive-green with a blue tip. From below, all the flight feathers are dark greyish. The bill is black. The legs and the bare eye-ring are grey, but the latter often fades to white in captivity (so using amount of grey or white in the eye-ring for determining "purity" of an individual can be misleading). It is easily confused with the closely related jandaya parakeet and sulphur-breasted parakeet, but the former has entirely green wing-coverts, mantle and vent, while the latter has green mottling to the mantle and less orange to the underparts. The sun parakeet is also superficially similar to the pale-billed golden parakeet.

    Juvenile sun parakeets display a predominantly green plumage and resemble similar-aged sulphur-breasted parakeets. The distinctive yellow, orange, and reddish colouration on the back, abdomen, and head is attained with maturity

  • Habitat: The sun conure can be found in Savannah, coastal forest and palm grove habitats in a relatively small region of north-eastern South America. The sighting of this bird in Savannah habitat is most likely only as it travels from one forest habitat to another.

  • ​life: Can live between 20-30, but up to 30 years is possible

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