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Cage PZ-B0221
Bird Cage Dimensions: 20"L x 20"W x 61"H Wire Spacing: 1/2" Accessories: 1 metal tray, 1 wo..
Cage PZ-B0222
Cage Dimensions: 20"L x 20"W x 63"H Colors: Hammertone Silver Wire spacing: 1/2" Accesso..
Cage PZ-B602
Cage Dimension: 17 1/4"L x 12 1/2"W x 33"H  Colors: Hammertone Silver Accesories: 1 pl..
Cage Stand YL-4814
Suitable for Cage YL-608A ..
Cage YL-1011
Cage YL-1011 Dimension: 10'' Color:   ..
Cage YL-1311
Cage YL-1311 Dimensions: 13'' Color:  ..
Cage YL-1411
Cage YL-1411 Dimension: 14'' Color:   ..
Cage YL-1511
Cage YL-1511 Dimension: 15'' Color:   ..
Cage YL-1530
Cage YL-1530 Dimensions: 32'' x 23'' x 65''H Colors: Silver Wire spacing:  ..
Cage YL-1611
Cage YL-1611 Dimension: 16'' Color:   ..
Cage YL-1700
Cage YL-1700 Dimension:  Color:   ..
Cage YL-1701
Cage YL-1701 Dimension:  Color:   ..
Cage YL-1703
Cage YL-1703 Dimension:  Color:   ..
Cage YL-1703(1741)
Cage YL-1741 Dimension:  Color:   ..
Cage YL-1703(1742)
Cage YL-1742 Dimension:  Color:   ..