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Chinchilla Info
Introduction to Chinchilla These small, cute rodents have plush, soft coats ..
Ferret Info
Ferret Info Country of origin: Mustela putorius furo, the domestic ferret, has been domes..
Guinea Pig Info
Guinea Pig Info   Country of origin: The wild cavy is found in the mountaino..
Hamster Info
Hamster Info Country of origin:The larger hamsters are call Syrians because they were disc..
Hedgehog Info
Hedgehog Info Country of origin: Mainland Britain and are also found throughout northern ..
Prairie Dog Info
Prairie Dog Info   Country of origin: These charismatic, rabbit-sized rodents liv..
Rabbit Info
Rabbit Info Country of origin: A rabbit's range depends on the species but typically a wi..
Sugar Glider Info
Sugar Glider Info Country of origin: Sugar gliders are small marsupials, and one of sever..