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Black Capped Lory Info
Black Capped Lory Info Country of origin:    Characteristics:   ..
Budgerigar Parrot Info
Budgerigar Parrot Info Country of origin :Australian continent Characteristics:&nb..
Cockatiel Info
Cockatiel Info Country of origin :Australia Characteristics:  Cockatiel is th..
Eclectus Parrot Info
Eclectus Parrot Introduction to Eclectus Parrot  The Eclectus Parrot, an extremely..
Fischer's Lovebird Info
Fischer's Lovebird Info Country of origin: East-central Africa, south and southeast of Lake Vi..
Gouldian Finch Info
Gouldian Finch Info Country of origin: Northern Australia ​ Characteristics:&n..
Green Cheeked Conure Info
Green-Cheeked Conure Info Country of origin: West-central and southern Mato Grosso, Brazil, no..
Java Sparrow Info
Java Sparrow Info Country of origin: Java, Bali and Bawean in Indonesia ​ Char..
Masked Love Bird Info
Masked Love Bird Info Country of origin: East-central Africa, south and southeast of Lake Vict..
Monk Parakeet Info
Monk Parakeet Info Country of origin: ​North America and Europe ​ Characte..
Rainbow Lorikeet Info
Rainbow Lorikeet Info Country of origin: Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia and some of the..
Red-Rumped Parrot Info
Red-Rumped Parrot Info Country of origin: Southwest Australia including the area of Coope..
Sun Conure Info
Sun Conure Info Country of origin: North-eastern South America: the north Brazilian state..