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How to Order?

Select your favourite items?


2. Add your items to cart


3. Checkout after you have done shopping
  Press Checkout at the top bar in the website.


4. Register an account with us


5. Fill up your contact & shipping details


6. Choose Delivery method (Please select delivery method according to your area, choose normal zone for those unlisted ares)


7. Choose Payment method


8. Confirm the order and proceed to the payment. 
  You can pay us through Online Banking, ATM transfer, Cash Deposit, Cheque Deposit or Interbank transfer. Maybank Pets Star 5129 0551 8542


9. Inform us after payment done. 
  You can inform us by sms, whatsup, wechat, or email to





1. How do I order?
  Select the item that you want to purchase and click on Add to Cart. When you are ready to checkout, click on the shopping bag and you can proceed to our payment page.
2. Can I save my items to be purchased later?
  Yes, you can choose to add any item to your Favorites list and purchase them at a later date. However do note that items added into your Favorites list is for your convenience to purchase them later. The items are not reserved so do make your purchases as soon as possible before they run out!
3. Must I register as a member in order to make a purchase?
  Yes. Registering your data allows us to ensure your order gets to you. Future purchases will be a breeze since we will have all of your necessary information in record.
4. Why was my order cancelled?
  Your order will be automatically cancelled if we do not receive any payment details from you within 3 days.
1. What kind of payments do you accept?
  For local (Malaysia) orders, we accept payment via internet banking or ATM transfer.
2. Which bank and accounts do I transfer to for ATM/I-banking?
  Maybank, Pets Star 5129 0551 8542
  We strongly encourage same-bank transfers (i.e. Maybank to Maybank)
  If you have a bank that is not on the list above (for e.g. Maybank), you may also perform an inter-bank transfer (i.e. CIMB Bank to Maybank). However, do note the longer processing time of 3 working days for such transfers.
3. How long do I have to make payment after I checkout?
  We abide strictly to a 3 days deadline. Orders will be cancelled if you do not update us with your payment details within 3 days. You can resubmit a new order if you are not able to perform the transfer within 3 days.
1. What are the types of delivery services that you provide?
  We are using SKYNET as our primary delivery service.
2. How do I check if my order has been shipped out?
  You can check the status of your orders by logging into your account and clicking on ‘My Orders’.
3. I have not received my order. What should I do?
  Our delivery times are based on the number of working days (Monday – Friday) you should expect to receive your delivery by. If your order has been shipped out and it has not arrived in the estimated delivery time as stated below, please contact us at +6016-702 9396.
4. How to track my orders?
  Once your orders have been picked up by our logistic partners, tracking codes would be available and you can then track the delivery status of your orders via the links below: